• Comic Creator of the Year

    Comic Creator of the Year spotlights the publishers, writers, and artists involved in creating the beautiful works all of us geeks love to read, whether it’s on the web or in print.

  • Event of the Year

    Event of the Year honors an outstanding event that’s pulled in not only a lot of attendees, but a lot of attention to the city, often times doing a lot of good for the community.

  • Feature Length Indie Film of the Year

    We’ve seen a lot of great movies come out of Philadelphia. The Sixth Sense. Rocky. Silver Linings Playbook. 12 Monkeys. The list goes on. Feature Length Indie Film of the Year acknowledges the underdogs, awarding an extraordinary indie film shot here in Philadelphia.

  • Game of the Year

    Philadelphia’s game development scene is one fantastic scene to be a part of. Whether we’re talking about video games, board games, card games, or tabletop games, if it’s been built in Philadelphia and is part of the world of gaming, we are thrilled to honor it.

  • Geek of the Year

    Geek of the Year! Perhaps the most coveted award in the Philly Geek Awards, Geek of the Year honors an outstanding geeky individual here in Philadelphia. We’ve made a point to focus on passionate individuals that have made an impact here which the city wouldn’t be the same without.

  • IRL Project of the Year

    A number of the projects we honor at the awards happen to be digital, non-physical projects. Websites. Viral videos. Video games. Streaming media. The I.R.L. (In Real Life!) Project of the Year focuses on a project you can hold.

  • Scientist of the Year

    Scientist of the Year honors a local scientist working on amazing projects that benefits the scientific world and gives back to Philadelphia’s innovative community.

  • Social Media Project of the Year

    As anyone involved working with social media can tell you, there’s a lot more to a great social media project than posting links to things on Facebook. Through social media, a single individual or a giant company can inform, inspire, and change the world.

  • Startup of the Year

    Startup of the Year honors a new local business doing exciting things in Philly while making waves across the country.

  • Story of the Year

    Story of the Year isn’t just a rock band, it’s a category that spotlights a popular geek story. Whether it’s a huge event or a scientific breakthrough, Story of the Year honors a local headline that became a bigger story, drawing attention to Philadelphia’s thriving geek community.

  • Streaming Media Project of the Year

    Our city is home to several great podcasts/vodcasts, YouTubers and others who regularly tell their story to the world from their homebase in the City of Brotherly Love.

  • Visual Artist of the Year

    This category honors a local geek creating fantastic, powerful art that draws attention to the local community in a unique, geek-tastic way.

  • Web Project of the Year

    Web Project of the Year recognizes amazing projects that beautifully combine design and technology in order to inspire and awe us.