Comic Creator of the Year spotlights the publishers, writers, and artists involved in comics.

Whether it’s on the web or in print, we’re thrilled to honor the beautiful works of art all us geeks love to read.

The Nominees

Previous Winners

Andrew Goletz

Andrew Goletz

GrayHaven Comics

The publisher and editor at GrayHaven Comics, Andrew Goletz’s beautiful You Are Not Alone series was created after the horrible tragedy at Sandyhook. This anthology comic book with real life stories regarding social issues like bullying, abuse, and drug use was created to inspire young folks not to give up, and that there is hope despite adversity.

Brad Guigar

Webcomic Creator

Brad Guigar is one of a very small handful of webcomic creators whose work has been online for a decade or more, Brad Guigar first caught the web’s attention with Greystone Inn in 2000.

In 2005 he ended Greystone Inn and spun several of the characters off into his current webcomic Evil Inc., which features the story of a corporation for super-villains run by super-villains.

In 2007 his much missed comic Phables, which told stories about the people of Philadelphia, was nominated for an Eisner Award for best digital comic.