We’ve seen a lot of great movies come out of Philadelphia. The Sixth Sense. Rocky. Silver Linings Playbook. 12 Monkeys. The list goes on.

Feature Length Indie Film of the Year acknowledges the underdogs, awarding an extraordinary indie film shot here in Philadelphia.

The Nominees

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<h2>The Suspect</h2>

The Suspect

Two African American social scientists pose as bank robbers in an effort to understand the racial dynamics of small-town law enforcement. However, their experiment takes an unplanned, deadly turn. It was shot in Philadelphia and starring Mekhi Phifer. You can view the trailer for the film here.

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<h2>Let the Fire Burn</h2>

Let the Fire Burn

A history of the conflict of the City of Philadelphia and the Black Liberation organization, MOVE, that led to the disastrously violent final confrontation in 1985. Watch the trailer here.

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<h2>Adjust Your Tracking</h2>

Adjust Your Tracking

An incredible documentary capturing the modern day VHS culture and VHS collectors. Check out the trailer here. It also has one of the greatest movie posters ever.

Previous Winners

The Backyard Philly Project is a documentary focusing on 4 teens growing up in Penn Town, a rough Philadelphia inner-city community. All the teens were given a camera to film their lives from their own perspectives, giving folks a rarely seen peek into the inner city life.

The film is both inspirational and gut-wrenching as you see the teens struggle to overcome adversity and not fall into the cycle of drugs and violence that surrounds them when they graduate from high school.

Local filmmaker Jon Foy created a documentary unfurling the mystery of the cryptic Toynbee Tiles scatter through so many city streets across the U.S. and South America. This brilliant and thorough documentary really showcases the dedication of this Philly filmmaker. If you missed it, you can now find it available on Netflix.