Philadelphia’s game development scene is one fantastic scene to be a part of.

Whether we’re talking about video games, board games, card games, or tabletop games, if it’s been built in Philadelphia and is part of the world of gaming, we are thrilled to honor it.

The Nominees

Previous Winners



Greg Lobanov

A simple minimalistic game, Perfection was built by Drexel University student Greg Lobanov, who operates his one man indie game company Dumb & Fat Games. Perfection is a simple and soothing puzzle game that has players cutting up shapes so they fit into new outlines. Everything is randomly generated, so the gamer never sees the same puzzle twice. With no game overs or time limits, it’s a forgiving game in a landscape of brutally difficult puzzlers.


Final Form Games

With their breakout hit Jamestown, Final Form Games put themselves on the indie game map in a big way. A unique story, an incredible shooter that brought nostalgic gamers back to the Shmup days with an awesome soundtrack, Jamestown captured the hearts of gamers everywhere.