As anyone involved working with social media can tell you, there’s a lot more to a great project than posting links to things on Facebook.

Through social media, a single individual or a giant company can inform, inspire, and change the world.

This category acknowledges the hard work behind these kind of social projects, whether we’re talking about a new blog, a hashtag Twitter campaign, or massively viral videos.

Whether you’re a single individual running a hilarious new Tumblr or a full agency working on a full campaign, this category is for you.

The Nominees

Previous Winners

Launched just last year, the GunCrisis website and hashtag #GunCrisis is an independent non-profit journalism project, reporting important stories on the blog and via their hashtag, specifically focusing on gun violence in Philadelphia.

In a brilliant combination of fine art, photography, and technology, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and Zoe Strauss spread the visual arts throughout the city. Dozens of billboards throughout the city featured the work of renowned photographer Zoe Strauss and Foursquare was utilized so fans seeking out each billboard could check in at each location.