The Philly Geek Awards are an annual ceremony hosted by Geekadelphia, Generocity and in the greater Philadelphia region.

From local game developers to comic book artists, social media marketers to the arts & culture community, the awards highlight a bit of everything.

What are the Philly Geek Awards?

The Philly Geek Awards are an awards ceremony honoring outstanding achievements in Philadelphia’s vibrant geek community. It was founded by Geekadelphia in 2011 and in 2016 and Generocity joined. This year the event will take place on Saturday, August 26 at the String Theory School: Vine Street Campus in Center City. It’s a black tie, red carpet event.

Who Oversees the Awards?

We have a planning committee that designs and develops the entire event and a selection committee that chooses the nominees and winners. The selection committee is comprised of representatives from Geekadelphia, Generocity, and a variety of subject matter experts in film, technology, social impact, journalism, and more.

How are Nominees Chosen?

We encourage public submission of nominees on the Geek Awards website. This plays a huge role in discovering awesome projects and people we didn’t know about, or in some cases, didn’t know enough about.

A few key criteria for selection:

  • Is the person or project based in the Philadelphia region?
  • Is it a tangible thing that has happened in the time since the last awards?
  • Is it geeky? A passion project?
  • Is it for the good of the city/world? What kind of impact does it have?
  • How much acclaim does it already have?
  • If we can answer yes to the relevant questions above then it qualifies as a nominee. We keep the three nominees that most exemplify these criteria per category.

Winners are simply the ones the selection committee deems to have the most of these elements when pitted next to each other in the same category.