The Dark Military

In this indie horror flick from Average Superstar Films, a group of unsuspecting young adults are lured in a Halloween attraction that turns out to be a real-life fight for survival—and every terrifying move is broadcast live on the web. With nods to Battle Royale and Black Mirror, The Dark Military is a technology-driven thriller with plenty of action.

Short Stay

Director Ted Fendt’s taut 61-minute feature debut follows Mike, a listless Haddonfield, New Jersey pizza delivery guy who finds himself subletting a friend’s apartment in Philadelphia for a short while. Described as a throwback to “early mumblecore” by the New York Times, the film made its debut in December 2016 at the Berlin Film Festival to positive reviews.

Viva Amiga: The Story of a Beautiful Machine

Director Zach Weddington travels back to 1985 in this feature-length documentary about the “freaks, geeks, and geniuses” behind the development of the legendary Commodore Amiga—a computer that revolutionized video, multimedia, and digital art, despite its publisher later going bankrupt.

The Benefactor

“Consumed by guilt over the accidental death of a couple, an eccentric Philadelphia philanthropist (Richard Gere, yes, that Richard Gere) provides financial assistance to their pregnant daughter (Dakota Fanning, yes, that Dakota Fanning) and her new husband (Theo James, uh huh).” Originally titled Franny, this 2015 drama film was written and directed by Andrew Renzi. It premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival and was released in the United States this past January through a limited release.


Ghostheads is a documentary that explores the extreme side of the Ghostbusters fandom. It tells the tale of culture and looks back at the impact the franchise has had on the world over the past three decades. Tommy Avallone, 2014 winner of “Feature Length Indie Film of the Year” interviews key cast and crew, including Dan Aykroyd, Ivan Reitman, Ernie Hudson and many more, as well as with Ghostbusters fans all over the world. Ghostheads presents countless humanizing stories that will connect with audiences about comradery and overcoming obstacles.

Beer Runners

Beer Runners is a documentary telling the story of the Philadelphia-based Fishtown Beer Runners, a local group founded upon the scientific benefits of following a run with a cold brew (seriously). This film by Justin Wirtalla has been to three festivals and has received five nominations for various awards (including this one).

I Am Santa Claus

With a successful Kickstarter campaign that brought in over $50,000, I Am Santa Claus “documented an entire year in the lives of professional Santa Clauses to find out what the rest of the year is like for a man who perpetually looks like Jolly Saint Nick.” A quirky and unique documentary, viewers get to “see these Santas for who they actually are: flawed, flesh and blood men who feel an overbearing responsibility to protect the integrity of the spotless, untarnished reputation of the Red Suit.”

Watch the trailer for the documentary, here.

Love & Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere

“A body is discovered, burned and bound to a tree, in an isolated Nebraska town. Iconoclastic author Poe Ballantine investigates.” Inspired by the memoir by Poe Ballantine, Love & Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere had Philly filmmaker Dave Jannetta exploring the mystery, while examining the author’s life. “In the film, more than twenty current residents of Chadron personify the town and substantiate a narrative that touches on themes such as depression, suicide, the ephemeral nature of reality, and the American Dream.”

Watch the trailer here.

Dave Jannetta is a Philadelphia based filmmaker. In 2009 he wrote and directed his debut feature film – “Rachel & Diana” – and recently completed his first documentary feature, “Love and Terror on the Howling Plains of Nowhere”. “Love & Terror” premiered at the 2014 Hot Docs International Film Festival and went on to play many prestigious festivals including Michael Moore’s Traverse City Film Festival, DOC NYC, the Bend Film Festival, and The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival where it took the coveted Big Sky Award.

Prior to founding 32-20 Productions in 2009, Dave served as personal assistant to Peter Jackson through North American production of “The Lovely Bones”, and spent a year abroad working at Jackson’s WingNut Films in Wellington, New Zealand.

He is a graduate of Penn State University (Finance/Film Studies; 2005), and an alumnus of Werner Herzog’s Rogue Film School (winter 2012).

Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie

In “AVGN: The Movie,” the title character must overcome his phobia of the worst video game in the world in order to save his fans. Produced, written and directed by UArts grad James Rolfe, this indie scifi comedy has been making the rounds since its digital release last September, touring everywhere with sold out screenings across the country.

You can watch the trailer for the film, here.

James Rolfe (Writer/Director), grew up making home movies. He is the creator of the Angry Video Game Nerd web series and has over 1,800,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Kevin Finn (Writer/Director) is an award winning television producer known for such shows as Duck Dynasty and The Biggest Loser.

Sean Keegan (Producer) is an versatile producer with credits in documentary film and live television.

James, Kevin and Sean were high school friends in the 90’s with a passion for making films, who reunited all these years later, to make their dreams a reality. Based on the hit web series of the same name, “Angry Video Game Nerd: The Movie” follows a disgruntled gamer who must overcome his fear of the worst video game of all time in order to save his fans. Hilarity ensues as a simple road trip becomes an extravagant pursuit of the unexpected. The film shows what you can accomplish on a low budget. It is an ambitious indie film that aspires to be a humble summer blockbuster.


People grow up and people change; this is the story of Detonator. Sully, the former frontman of prominent Philadelphia punk band Detonator, is trying to make a new start for himself in the suburbs with his wife and son. While struggling to make ends meet, he gets a call from Mick, an ex-bandmate looking to catch up. Intrigued by the call, Sully is pulled into a night in the city where he is forced to confront his past and decide on his future.