With the speed of checkers and the depth of chess, Cipher Prime’s latest digital game pits two players against each other in tile-based combat, aiming to defeat their opponent’s main “jawn” by placing a tile on top of it. The game launched exclusively as part of the April Humble Bundle and will be available independently in the fall.

Lazer Ryderz!

From designers Anthony Amato and Nicole Kline of Cardboard Fortress Games, this Kickstarter-funded tabletop game takes players on a high-speed race through the galaxy. Ripe with 80s nostalgia, Lazer Ryderz! ships in box shaped like VHS tapes and has its own synth-driven soundtrack for more immersive play.

Super Rock Blasters!

In this local multiplayer inspired by the classic game Asteroids, players dodge space debris, ricocheting neon bullets, and blast each other in a chaotic PvP arena. Released on Steam in January, this is the third title from QuadraTron Games, an indie dev studio formerly based at the Philly Game Forge.

Tailwind: Prologue

Tailwind: Prologue puts you at the controls of a spaceship rocketing through the atmosphere. Inspiration from the art for popular titles such as No Man’s Sky, Mirror Moon, and Firewatch helped bring Cipher Prime’s classic style to a new, lived-in world. A prologue to the upcoming game Tailwind, this gorgeous game was fueled with a passion for blowing up worlds with the wake of a tiny spaceship by the duo Dain Saint and William Stallwood who return to the Philly Geek Awards after an appearance as the 2011 inaugural ceremony for their “Outstanding Achievement to the Philadelphia Indie Game Scene.”


RESISTOR_ is a fast and intense two-player competitive card game that relies on “hidden information” and “tactical decision-making”. Nearly 800 backers pledged over $23,000 on Kickstarter to make this game a reality. The pair behind Cardboard Fortress Games, (dubbed Philadelphia’s cutest couple by at least one submission), hasn’t stopped marketing their card game at many conventionsGen Con, a PAX or twoacross this great nation ever since.

Breaker Blocks

Breaker Blocks is the second game by Spriteborne, the moniker of Jake Vander Ende a crafter, game developer and writer. The 10-minute, two-player game of “circuit building and sabotage” is played using laser-engraved acrylic game pieces designed to be “durable, portable and accessible”. The game is designed and made solely by Vander Ende in suburban Philadelphia.


With a successfully crowdfunded Kickstarter, Pretense launched with over 1,300 backers excited about this card game that’s high in concept and fun. A game that you play during other games, Pretense is a game night social metagame that is played over the entire course of an evening.

Your job? Fulfill the role you’ve been given on your card. Are you the critic? The bookworm? The glutton? The busybody? If you accomplish the goal of living out this role, you gain a point and get to steal someone else’s role.

Created by the prolific Jason Tagmire (creator of Pixel Lincoln and Storytelling Cards), Pretense is an incredibly unique game for gamers.


An official selection of 2015’s IndieCade’s eSports Showcase and Magfest’s Indie Game Showcase, as well as the Smithsonian America Art Museum’s Indie Arcade in 2014, Clusterpuck 99 was born out of a love for local multiplayer games.

ClusterPuck 99 can be described as a sporty competitive sports game about sports based on athletics! Grab 8 friends and get ready for a rowdy multiplayer game that can only be experienced on the couch.

PHL Collective was founded in 2014 by industry veteran, Nick Madonna who wanted to start a different kind of studio. Building from Philadelphia’s rich university talent base, PHL Collective has gone on to release and develop games for Cartoon Network, Steam, Xbox One and mobile before their second anniversary as a company.

You can learn more about Clusterpuck99 over on the game’s official website, and you can download it on Steam (and soon Xbox One!) now.


A challenging, frightening game that takes players completely out of their comfort zone, no two players will experience Soulfill the same way. Developed by Little Wins LLC and created during the Global Game Jam of 2014, Soulfill has gamers listen to narrator prompts on an iPhone while waiting or riding public transportation. You score points by initiating and maintaining eye contact with strangers, but lose points by making eye contact with people already looking at you.

The game challenges you to progress past the awkwardness in a setting where you’re uncomfortable doing so, in an attempt to uncover the fact that these anxieties are self-imposed, and people around you are dealing with the same thing. A story driven, narrative experience that’s entirely free to download and play, and a winner of the 2014 IndieCade award for Interaction. Soulfill received notable press from national outlets like L.A. Times and locally from places like Technically Philly.

Pixel Lincoln

Known for their engrossing Nintendo DS puzzle games, Island Officials released Pixel Lincoln, which raised more than $40,000 on Kickstarter for its launch. A deckbuilding game using beautifully pixilated characters (including Abraham Lincoln) with addicting gameplay and witty characters, it is set to become a Nintendo DS game soon.