Matthew Akana

A Jack of All Trades, Matt Akana is a molecular biologist, game designer and improv comedy performer. Over the past year, he launched Evil Spares None, a Kickstarter funded game, and spoke about analytical improv at TEDxPheonixville and Nerd Nite Philly. That’s right: Science meets improv. When he isn’t busy making people laugh, teaching people how to laugh (with science!) and crowd funding amazing games, Akana is a scientist at a local pharmaceutical company, where he spends his days trying to find the cure for Alzheimer’s.

Chris Alfano

A driving force in Philadelphia’s hacking scene, and a mentor organizer for countless hackathons in the city, Alfano is a major leader in the community. He serves as the Brigade Captain of Code for Code for Philly.

Leslie Birch

A mover, a shaker, an awesome hack maker, Leslie Birch creates incredible work in Philadelphia. Her wearable tech with a DIY approach, her Senti8 project with team members in 2014 International Space Apps Challenge “best use of hardware,”and ISS Orbit Skirt from 2013 show her commitment to wearable tech. She works hard to inspire young women in the region to get involved in tech, design and more. She can be often found teaching at The Hacktory and Hive 76.

Jason Richardson

In addition to his incredible podcast with The Black Tribbles, Jason Richardson is a community builder and leader, with his production company J1 Studios. He hosts J1-Con, one of the biggest anime conventions in Philadelphia, as well as the Cosplay Prom. And when he isn’t recording podcasts or hosting huge events, he’s a comic book artist.

Tristin Hightower

Cofounder of Girl Geek Dinners, Tristan Hightower has done a lot for the geek community here in Philly. A constant encouraging voice in the women in tech community, she was featured as a panelist at the Philly Women in Tech Summit talking about breaking into the industry and giving back to the community. She is also the community manager for Burst Online Entertainment.

Dan Ueda

Dan is an incredible high school science teacher who has gone above and beyond to inspire his students to be just as geeky as him.
At Central High School, he brought his robotics team, The Robolancers, to a national competition for the very first time. And he volunteers to do all this robotics work in his free time.