ISS Base Station Team

The two-day Philadelphia-area hackathon runs during the Philadelphia Science Festival, aiming to help solve the current challenges in space exploration and science. And it had a Philly winner! Led by Azavea’s Andrew Thompson, the winner was an International Space Station finder created by Philadelphia’s ISS Base Station Team.

Chris Alfano

The co-captain of Code for Philly and the co-founder of and Devnuts, Alfano contributes to the Philadelphia hacking scene all for the benefit of the community.

Dr. Frank Lee

With his dream project finally coming true this year, Drexel University professor Dr. Frank Lee hacked the Cira Centre, an entire building, and programmed it to play PONG at the opening kickoff of Philly Tech Week. Later in the week, he even made the building play Tetris. News of the project swept the country, making headlines everywhere.