13 minutes. $100. If you can figure out the clues, you can win $100 from this anonymous social media account. Utilizing Vine videos and Instagram posts, FindMePhilly sends Philadelphians around the city on scavenger hunts to win actual cash.

Showcasing different neighborhoods, FindMePhilly encourages exploration and actively engages their followers, inspiring them to get out and away from their computer screens with fun photography and a playful voice.

The very first winner of FindMePhilly’s scavenger hunt used her money to buy pizza and feed the homeless, and the mysterious social media account’s founder hopes that FindMePhilly will inspire more people to pay-it-forward, and give back to their community.

Nicole Angemi’s Instagram Account(s)

Nicole Angemi is a pathologist assistant that’s had her Instagram shut down multiple times. Why? She posts autopsy photographs. Her controversial account isn’t there to create controversy though. It’s there to educate and inform. To reveal hard truths about the human body, health, and the causes of death.

Her account boasts over 350,000 followers, and she’s found herself featured locally in Philly Mag, Philly Voice,, and has taken the international spotlight, with pieces on The Sun in the UK, as well as Vice.

The Narrator: Philadelphia Police Department

Sgt. Eric Gripp is a 14-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department. He is currently assigned to the department’s Public Affairs Unit, where he serves as the department’s Digital and Social Media Manager. His duties include creating original content for the Department’s Social Media channels; which include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram and Snapchat.

Posting as “Your Humble and Faithful Narrator”, Sgt. Gripp specializes in creating disruptive content and using a humanistic approach while managing online communities. Sgt. Gripp is also responsible for monitoring the department’s 60 authorized officer-manned Twitter accounts, 21 District Accounts, as well as providing training for new users.

Prior to his assignment in Public Affairs, Sgt. Gripp worked as the Tactical Team supervisor in the city’s 22nd District. One day, he hopes to own a platypus, win an award that does not contain the word “participant”, learn how to properly use a comma, and/or be recognized for eating the world’s largest red bliss potato.

Philly Love Notes

Launched last year, Philly Love Notes picked up steam in summer and fall 2012, rallying Philadelphians to submit blog posts about why they love their city, sending love notes to their favorite parks, restaurants or even benches around the city. A force of her own, Emma Fried-Cassorla has published hundreds of letters and has been spotlighted in numerous mainstream media articles, using the power of social media to show off Philadelphia in a positive, beautiful light.

Neighborhoods: Guest Instagram Project

By pulling together some of Philadelphia’s finest photographers and Instagram users, the Greater Philadelphia Tourism and Marketing Corporation shared stunning images of Philadelphia with the people living in those neighborhoods and those who might be interested in visiting.

Slice Communications’ Turkey Bacon Medal

Local PR agency Slice Communication works with Godshall’s Quality Meats, a turkey bacon provider in Telford. How exciting can you make a campaign circulating around turkey bacon though? Well, when Olympic Gold Medalist Sage Kotsenburg proclaimed his desire to have a bacon medal, they jumped on the opportunity. Through a series of tweets and marketing tactics, eventually Kotsenburg was on Conan O’Brien, proudly displaying a medal made of bacon. Sometimes an entire campaign can launch from a single tweet, and this one became a story in the Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and more.

Tree Philly

In an effort to bring attention to Philadelphia’s parks and trees, the city’s Parks and Recreation Department launched #TreePhilly, a campaign that playfully displayed signs on trees around the city and eventually gave away more han 1,500 trees to more than 800 Philadelphians. The resulting photos and social media chatter were charming, fun, playful, and beautiful.

Zoe Strauss Exhibit FourSquare Campaign

In a brilliant combination of fine art, photography, and technology, The Philadelphia Museum of Art and Zoe Strauss spread the visual arts throughout the city. Dozens of billboards throughout the city featured the work of renowned photographer Zoe Strauss and Foursquare was utilized so fans seeking out each billboard could check in at each location.