For 30 minutes, comedians and friends Paul Ritchey, Nick Murphy, and Josh Henderson sit down to play a random old school video game. At the end of this online sketch show, they must decide: stop playing, or continue? Subscribers into the hundred thousands tune in to find out every week.

Curiosity 180 – Let’s Talk About It!

In 180 seconds or fewer, these fun animated shorts help curious viewers explore questions like “how big is the universe” or “how does the internet work.” Created and narrated by game developers from Jumpbutton Studios, the series has already been viewed more than 66,000 times on YouTube.

Hi-Res Podcast

Designer Ryan Starr hosts this crisp interview-style podcast featuring Philadelphia’s designers, illustrators, photographers and creatives telling stories about the experiences that have shaped their lives and careers. New episodes post every other Tuesday on

Highlander Rewatched

This weekly podcast’s endgame is to rewatch, analyze and discuss every episode of the Highlander TV series. Having dubbed themselves the “Rewatchers”, the hosts promises in each episode trivia, laughs and an in-depth look at decades of Highlander mythos. Currently, these podcasters are crowdfunding a trip to the “30 year Anniversary Gathering” in Florida to bring their audience exclusive podcast and video content.

A.C.M.G.’s Talk Time Live

A.C.M.G (Anime, Comics, Movies and Games) started as a Facebook group that now boasts over 2,500 members. Talk Time Live is their weekly podcast made in Philadelphia with listeners around the globe. To date, TTL has hosted interviews with notable guests from anime and other realms of geekdom such as Kyle Hebert (voice of Gohan/the Narrator from Dragon Ball Z, Ryu from the Street Fighter series), Vic Mignogna (voice of Edward from Full Metal Alchemist and voice of Broly), hip-hop artist Mega-Ran, UK Cosplay Champion Panterona Cosplay, Reuben Langdon (Voice Actor, Dante from Devil May Cry 3 and 4, Kevin Masters from Street Fighter IV; and stunt man from Scott Pilgrim vs. the World (2010)), and Emmy Award-winning actress Maile Flanagan (voice of Naruto).

Media in Neighborhoods Group

Following the success of their celebrated U.S. Department of Justice-funded 2014 documentary Pull of Gravity, which followed three Philadelphia men returning home after incarceration, “Media in Neighborhoods Group (MING)” has launched a series of initiatives this year in its effort to use documentary film and other media for social change. With Knight Foundation funding, MING, founded by El Sawyer and Jon Kauffman, has grown its video production apprenticeship program for returning citizens. Additionally in May 2016, Sawyer won a prestigious two-year $100,000 grant from the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation to develop a program to train police, prisons and parole officers how to better reintegrate former inmates into society.

Book Fight!

When these two book lovers collide, things get heated in the best way. Discussing books they love and hate, as well as talking about the craft of writing, Book Fight! is a podcast headed up by two Temple professors that are fiercely passionate about the literary world.

With production that’s as high quality as the discussion, Book Fight! is an insightful look into the literary, dishing out in-depth criticism by two smart literati. They’ve also taken their podcast into the wild, hosting events at places like Tattooed Mom, The Spiral Bookcase, and the Philadelphia Writers Conference.

To learn more about Book Fight!, and to give them a listen, visit

Out of Town Films

A Philadelphia based film collective, Out of Town Films creates stunning, high quality performance-based videos with both local and touring artists/bands in varying locations throughout the city. With a launch in 2012, they’ve grown exponentially, with close to 200 videos available for viewing on their website.

In addition to providing beautiful videos for free on their site, Out of Town Films takes their platform into I.R.L. spaces, hosting pop-ups shows around town with different locations and different artists, giving their followers an awe-inspiring musical experience they wouldn’t get in a regular venue. Such as this year, with The Districts performing in a warehouse loft apartment in Fishtown, or Ra Ra Riot performing to 150 people in a surprise Kensington art space.

You can visit them at, where countless music fans get to revisit their one-of-a-kind experiences, again and again.

Not Nearly Nerd Enough

The Not Nearly Nerd Enough podcast was born out of a years-long friendship and even more years-long passion for geek culture. Co-hosts James Myers and Ann Cornell met at work and bonded over their love of movies, books and TV shows – particularly in the sci-fi, superhero and fantasy realm. While they shared many fandoms, each introduced the other to new, nerdy gems.

With Not Nearly Nerd Enough, James and Ann – who are often joined by friends and community members from the Philly region –  appreciate and debate various current topics in the geek realm. This podcast is both a labor of love and a learning experience and they are thrilled to be able to produce it in their home base of Philadelphia.

In their non-podcasting hours, Ann works as an editor for a series of suburban Philly newspapers, and James is a communications specialist for a leading healthcare professionals’ union. They also enjoy participating in international scavenger hunts and besting each other in fanfiction writing competitions. They are always playing Yellow Car.

Available on iTunes, you can give them a listen here.

Panel by Panel

Panel by Panel is a web series created by Temple University student filmmakers Wandering Studios. A sitcom-esque series that explores geek culture, Panel by Panel is a fun, low budget, funny show that is as silly as it is touching. Expect great things from this bunch of young Philly filmmakers