• Comic Creator of the Year

    Comic Creator of the Year spotlights the publishers, writers, and artists involved in creating the beautiful works all of us geeks love to read, whether it’s on the web or in print.

  • Dev Project of the Year

    Dev Project of the Year recognizes software work of excellence, including mobile and web-based tools, with a preference for open source, civic-impact and widespread use.

  • Feature Length Indie Film of the Year

    We’ve seen a lot of great movies come out of Philadelphia. The Sixth Sense. Rocky. Silver Linings Playbook. 12 Monkeys. The list goes on. Feature Length Indie Film of the Year acknowledges the underdogs, awarding an extraordinary indie film shot here in Philadelphia.

  • Game of the Year

    Game of the Year focuses on projects built or launched by a local team that is celebrated for gameplay, adoption and innovation. Whether we’re talking about video games, board games, card games or tabletop games, if it’s been built in Philadelphia and is part of the world of gaming, we are thrilled to honor it.

  • Geek of the Year

    Geek of the Year! Perhaps the most coveted award in the Philly Geek Awards, Geek of the Year honors an outstanding geeky Philadelphian, who you would find on Geekadelphia, Generocity AND Technical.ly because they’re just that awesome. We’ve made a point to focus on passionate individuals that have made an impact here which the city wouldn’t be the same without.

  • Impact Org of the Year

    Impact Org of the Year honors an outstanding organization that’s entrenched in the city, goes above and beyond to spread “good” and is committed to engaging and helping this community. This organization is coming up with creative solutions to important local issues and is making space for people who want to make a difference.

  • Maker of the Year

    Celebrates the person or organization who has created fantastic, powerful art that draws attention to the local community in a unique, geek-tastic way. This can also be more than just the visual, but also the tangible, something you can hold or experience IRL (In Real Life!).

  • Mission Leader of the Year

    Mission Leader of the Year doesn’t just “do their 9-5”; they geek out over Philly and are over-the-top dedicated to making this city a better place, whether it’s through their job, their volunteerism or a project they are passionate about.

  • Movement of the Year

    Movement of the Year isn’t just the latest trend, it’s a category that spotlights a headline-worthy event or social movement, driving masses of people to attention and into action.

  • Multimedia Project of the Year

    Our city is home to several great podcasts/vodcasts, YouTubers and media artists who regularly tell their story to the world from their homebase in the City of Brotherly Love.

  • Partnership of the Year

    Some of the best ideas spring out of collaboration – Partnership of the Year recognizes the best team effort to improve the lives of Philadelphians

  • Scientist of the Year

    Scientist of the Year honors a local scientist working on amazing projects that benefits the scientific world and gives back to Philadelphia’s innovative community.

  • Startup of the Year

    Startup of the Year honors a new locally-founded company that has the team and concept to challenge its industry nationally and beyond.

  • Technologist of the Year

    Technologist of the Year celebrates the person who has developed a high-profile reputation for excellence in teaching and contributing to the technical community here and beyond.