With an April Fool’s Joke that took the Internet by storm, Analog Watch Company’s Ant Farm Watch found itself in plenty of local media outlets, getting showcased and discussed on Philly Mag, Technically Philly, and Geekadelphia… but made waves all over, tricking blogs around the world.

Showcased (and in some cases, fiercely argued about) on websites like TechnaBob, Design Taxi, Beautiful Decay, Complex, Fast Company, TechCrunch, and listed as one of the Best April Fool’s Pranks of 2015 by The Telegraph, Yahoo, Analog Watch Company’s joke didn’t just make us laugh and think. It brought attention to Philadelphia and this awesome startup in a fun, quirky way.

Analog Watch Co. is focused on creating sculptures for the wrist that are inspired by nature and developed through the lens of material innovation. From wood to marble, Analog aims to solidify itself as a Philadelphia’s premier boutique watch brand. With a showroom and studio on East Passyunk, the team focuses on creating wearable art.

When it came to the Ant Watch, the team just couldn’t ignore one of the best holidays of the year and decided to relish in the potential to go viral on every geeks favorite playful holiday.

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