Filmmaker and journalist, this native Philadelphian is known for his three video series, “Philly Makers”, “Wastelands” and “Uncover Philly.” South Philly local, Cory J. Popp has used his passion for storytelling to create visually stunning videos focusing on the fascinating people and places of his hometown. Cory began shooting video for real estate companies, which transitioned into the production of his own videos, including his first Philly seasonal video in 2014, the massively popular “A Philly Christmas”.

While some of his videos involved planning, a majority of Cory’s videos are filmed spontaneously while walking throughout different Philadelphia neighborhoods. Whether it’s to draw new attention to the city’s hidden gems, reigniting interest in city spaces, or remind us why we all love Philadlephia, Cory J. Popp’s work has helped highlight our city in a way that Philadelphian’s young and old can admire. In his latest “Undercover Philly” installment, Cory’s largest project to date “Philadelphia from Above” is the result of 4 weeks, 70 hours, 230 GB, 204 video clips, and 40 timelapses made form 16,288. photographs.

To see more of Cory’s remarkable stories, visit his official website.

Category: 2015 - (Past Category) Visual Artist of the Year

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