Created by Philadelphia’s Jason Richardson, who took home the coveted Geek of the Year award last year, J1-Con is a convention founded to make conventions accessible, so that fans who come from lower income families aren’t left out the sometimes expensive convention scene.

Cosplay contests, live performances, informative panels, artist signings, and meet-and-greets, J1-Con continues to grow year after year, delivering on their goal to make cons affordable, and judgement free for those who come from all walks of life. And not just for attendees, but for artists who want to exhibit, offering up incredibly inexpensive tables to up-and-coming illustrators and comic artists. A convention made by geeks for geeks.

This year, J-1 announced additional expansion, bringing a music component to the always anticipated event. You can watch a recap video of last year’s con, here.

Category: 2015 - (Past Category) Event of the Year

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