An all-girl comic anthology curated by Philadelphia’s own Kelly Phillips and Claire Folkman, Dirty Diamonds strives to give the women of comics a dedicated outlet for telling their stories. Artists from all around the world have contributed their works over the years, and using this outlet, Phillips and Folkman have been able to give numerous women in comics a platform to stand out.

Their fifth issue, an anthology on comics, featured 32 artists from six different countries, all sharing stories about the medium that they hold dear… comics. Their first professionally printed book, Comics is a stunning anthology, featuring a cover by Carey Pietsch (Adventure Time), and raised over $8,000 on Kickstarter to support its printing.

Showing no sign of slowing down, Dirty Diamonds’ latest crowdfund campaign, an anthology on beauty, raised over $17,000 just in June. Learn more about them at

Category: 2015 - Comic Creator of the Year

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