Project: Not Nearly Nerdy Enough

The Not Nearly Nerd Enough podcast was born out of a years-long friendship and even more years-long passion for geek culture. Co-hosts James Myers and Ann Cornell met at work and bonded over their love of movies, books and TV shows – particularly in the sci-fi, superhero and fantasy realm. While they shared many fandoms, each introduced the other to new, nerdy gems.

With Not Nearly Nerd Enough, James and Ann – who are often joined by friends and community members from the Philly region –  appreciate and debate various current topics in the geek realm. This podcast is both a labor of love and a learning experience and they are thrilled to be able to produce it in their home base of Philadelphia.

In their non-podcasting hours, Ann works as an editor for a series of suburban Philly newspapers, and James is a communications specialist for a leading healthcare professionals’ union. They also enjoy participating in international scavenger hunts and besting each other in fanfiction writing competitions. They are always playing Yellow Car.

Available on iTunes, you can give them a listen here.

Category: 2015 - Multimedia Project of the Year

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