Sgt. Eric Gripp is a 14-year veteran of the Philadelphia Police Department. He is currently assigned to the department’s Public Affairs Unit, where he serves as the department’s Digital and Social Media Manager. His duties include creating original content for the Department’s Social Media channels; which include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram and Snapchat.

Posting as “Your Humble and Faithful Narrator”, Sgt. Gripp specializes in creating disruptive content and using a humanistic approach while managing online communities. Sgt. Gripp is also responsible for monitoring the department’s 60 authorized officer-manned Twitter accounts, 21 District Accounts, as well as providing training for new users.

Prior to his assignment in Public Affairs, Sgt. Gripp worked as the Tactical Team supervisor in the city’s 22nd District. One day, he hopes to own a platypus, win an award that does not contain the word “participant”, learn how to properly use a comma, and/or be recognized for eating the world’s largest red bliss potato.

Category: 2015 - (Past Category) Social Media Project of the Year

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