Kyle Stetz, a developer at P’unk Ave, created a remarkably fun little experiment called typedrummer. The idea? Turn your (typed) words into sick beats.

Simple in practice, typedrummer is remarkably sophisticated in execution. Each letter of the alphabet is mapped to a sample, so anything you type into the box is interpreted as sound and played back at 120BPM. You keep typing, it loops back to the beginning to keep the party going. Stetz even tied in a bonus alternate mode that incorporates samples from local electro-pop artist Moon Bounce.

Typedrummer uses the Web Audio API that came about as a part of modern browsers, and according to Stetz this implementation is just scratching the surface of what’s possible.

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Kyle Stetz is a developer at P’unk Avenue in Philadelphia. His passions for electronic music and software development converged when he discovered that you can make music in a browser. Outside of P’unk Ave he contributes interactive web projects to record label Grind Select and writes open source software to share with the development community

Category: 2015 - Dev Project of the Year

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